Norfolk Music School

The Worldwide Song Project

Young poets and composers - make friends and make songs!

The Worldwide Song Project is looking out for authors, artists & composers aged 6 - 18.

Maybe your youngster writes poetry, or maybe you teach a budding artist or musician. If so, send the Project their poems or tell us about their other gifts. The Project's young composers turn the poems into songs and these are published in beautiful books with photos and artwork by other youngsters. The page shown here is from Songs for Sark (in the Channel Isles).

Joining the Project is free

- in fact the Project provides free music software! The notation appears on computer screens and the notes light up as they play, so learning the songs is fun - no need for a musical adult! 

The Project brings a host of other benefits, such as

pen friends *

lots of fun and encouragement!

gifts of musical instruments

public performances

young people coming together in this troubled world

the chance to put your school or community on the map. 

Young composer Jasmine Sayer, one of the Project's founding contributers.

Please click here if you'd like to know more.

In 2012, Tristan da Cunha, in the South Atlantic, issued these beautiful Song Project stamps.