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Christmas Play - The Travellers' Delight

Here's an opportunity for your church or school:

How about presenting the Song Project's Christmas play The Travellers' Delight in the run-up to Christmas?

It tells the traditional story but in an off-beat way. For example, the shepherds have water-pistols

to repel the wolves and there's a ram with over-eager horns.

A scene from the performance of the Christmas musical in Ireland
A scene from the performance of the Christmas play in Australia

The play gives lots of scope for local imagination. Compare the Irish shepherds (left) with the Australian ones (right)!

Amid the fun, the viewpoint is Christian. 

For example, the Angel says to the shepherds

Think of it - God being born as we speak, 

God on the filthy earth, small and weak.

The simple verse makes learning a treat.

The play lasts half an hour and has parts for ten or a dozen perform​ers (sense of fun vital, age unimportant! Try casting a parent or teacher as the grumpy inn-keeper!). 

The Song Project Nativity musical - a scene at the stable
A scene from the Project's Nativity play in a church setting

Included are several lively songs, plus a plodding march for the foot-sore Wise Men - all composed by young musician Lauren Boydell at the age of twelve.

Use of the play on a non-profit basis is totally free throughout the world - and you're welcome to join the Song Project too!

For a copy of the script please get in touch, saying which country you're in or giving a UK address.

Sheet music of the magi's song as they're seen approaching