Norfolk Music School

Piano for All!

I have 23 years' experience teaching budding pianists and keyboard players.

I welcome all ages, from beginners 6 or 7 years old to people pursuing

a rhythmic retirement (most of whom are beginners, too)!

Lessons can be fun and they also give you the chance to shine!

One of my pupils has passed his grade 6 exam with Distinction

at the age of just 12, while Jim, in his eighties, has passed

with Merit at the top grade (grade 8)!

I encourage my pupils by composing pieces specially for them. Some pieces start as catchy songs like the nose picking song in the video.

Once they've had some fun with a song pupils often find themselves playing it easily on the piano. Familiarity guides their fingers! To ensure good technique I sometimes film those fingers in action (hence the excellent hand and body postures of the young and not-so-young pianists you can see on this website)! 

Musical ears are important but so are musical eyes! I use a range of methods, some modern and some traditional, to ensure that my pianists young and old can all read music. Musical brains are important, too, and music theory and composition often feature in lessons.

This girl is making light work of her latest piece because I used a simple tune she sang.

My keenest composers have written songs of their own, some, like the girl shown here, achieving global recognition through The Worldwide Song Project!

With youngsters, the secret is to make piano interesting. Once that's done, the gift of music is theirs for life and they take it with them wherever they go.

In the words of a parent,

Thank you for all your dedication in teaching Ian here in Norfolk. He has loved his piano and will continue in Australia.

I'm based near North Walsham but can visit pupils in Cromer, Sheringham and Norwich - something to bear in mind if you're thinking of buying lessons as a gift for someone special.

Tony D Triggs

BA (hons), Grad Cert Ed, MA, AMusTCL

If you're outside my area you may like to tr